Posted on November 28, 2013

Exceptional Top Quality Horse Facility – Whispering Hope Stables

11/27/13:  Whispering Hope Stables is exceptional with top quality facilities and, most importantly, top quality service.  The horses are meticulously cared for and are relaxed, healthy, and happy in the uniquely serene environment that WHS has to offer.  I love the warm, friendly environment of the farm where all staff members and boarders are encouraging of each other in all disciplines and levels of riding.

As a horse owner and boarder, I also really appreciate being involved in the management of the horses and the farm through the monthly owners meetings. The farm social activities organized and sponsored by the Peters are an added bonus and are great fun!

Last but definitely not least is the fact that all animals at the farm both big and small, including the famous “Squeaky”, are respected and loved.  The Peters are very special people with big hearts and the ability to imagine what an ideal horse farm would be and to then make it happen.  An extra special thank you to Penny who pampers the horses and always makes me smile.

L. Schnabel, DVM