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Quiet The Soul

January 14th, 2017

Nothing brings me more joy than being a mom and wife – nothing!!! I will say, though, every mom does need some time during the year to get away by herself for a few days. For me, that is to take my horse to a horse clinic just a few hours away. It is an awesome feeling to throw one piece of luggage, my tack, and a few bales of hay in my truck and head out for a couple of days with my horse. Now that is the ultimate girl’s weekend!

At the clinic on the first day, I was eager to ride. I woke up early to start the day with my horse. After putting on my riding gear, I headed to the barn where my horse had spent the night. What a sweet feeling it is to see my horse’s head enthusiastically leaning over the stall door, anticipating the arrival of the hands that will feed him. As I turned the corner to walk into the barn, I looked down the aisle and his sweet face was not visible. I knew at that moment something was off.

As I got closer to his stall, I could see that he was lying down. I did not notice any severe signs of discomfort right away. He simply appeared tired to me. At this point, I was a little unsettled, as I knew something was off; however, I was not really worried yet. 

Then the ball of yarn began to unravel. Within an hour, my horse went from being a little off to being in an obvious state of discomfort. My immediate response was to call my vet until I remembered that she was two and half-hours away. This much anticipated girl’s weekend was not starting off well.

So, where did God come into all of this?

The awesome thing is…God took care of it from this point. It was about an hour before the local vet could make it to the barn. As I waited, all I could do was cry and think to myself, “If I lose my horse, my soul will be at a loss. This journey with him is very important to me.” Of course, this line of dramatic thinking stirred up my inner energy, and my horse felt every bit of it. My worry was only making matters worse for my boy.

At that point, I realized there was only one direction I could turn, so I began to pray. I sent a text to my prayer warrior group to ask for prayers of healing and peace. Community is so important at times such as this and I knew I needed to resist the desire to be left alone. Deep down, I needed a shoulder to lean on and help me be strong when I could not do it on my own.

God sent me Betsy. Betsy was auditing the clinic and had heard my horse was not well. She left the clinic to come stand with me until the vet arrived. My insecurities made me question why she would do this. Why would she put a hold on her tasks to stand with me? Was I worthy of a friend like this? Apparently, God thought I was.

Betsy arrived at the stall and her immediate response was, “Let’s pray.” What better way to start when standing face to face with an injured soul or an ill body? I felt my burden become lighter. Next, she went into the stall and stood motionless. The quieting of her soul brought peace to my horse. The sweet, soft words she spoke caused his body to relax. His inner being calmed down and his distress was lessening right before my eyes.

I felt an astounding feeling of silence and calm while Betsy was present. The power of prayer and her “Quiet Soul” radiated a contagious healing affect to both my horse and me. All horsemen and women who are faced with horse-related trauma should have the chance to experience what I did.

The horse world is dramatic. Horses do not make this world dramatic, people do. From my personal experience, I wish to share with you a few things that I learned to help make a situation less dramatic and more peaceful:

  • Do not play the blame game. Horses are living, breathing creatures and things happen and can go wrong. Don’t blame yourself or anyone else.
  • The power of prayer works. As Mark Batterson wrote in his book, The Circle Maker, “Sometimes the power of prayer is the power to carry on. It doesn’t always change your circumstances, but it gives you strength to walk through them. When you pray through, the burden is taken off of your shoulders and put on the shoulders of Him who carried the cross to Calvary.”
  • Allow someone to stand with you. Having a “Quiet Soul” with you during the difficult times will naturally bring peace and healing.
  • Remove drama and negativity. Horses deserve and crave gentleness, serenity, and respect in all ways.


Twenty-four hours came and went and my horse was healed – Thanks to God! It was a scary time and I wish it had not happened, but I did receive a blessing from this event. I learned the importance of a quiet soul – both to horse and human – especially when one or both are hurting. Think about this for you, personally. If you were in the hospital and hurting how would it feel to have a “Quiet Soul” be with you? Now, imagine being that Quiet Soul for your horse. I am so grateful for the unexpected lesson from a girl’s weekend gone awry.

Now let’s get this next girl’s weekend planned….