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Prayer for Laurie, March 4th, 2017

March 4th, 2017

Prayers are simply a way for us to connect beautifully with God.  My prayers – this direct communication with Him – are simply a personalized form of writing and communication between the sender and the receiver. For some people, praying is speaking, singing, artwork or just thinking; and although there are many different ways to pray, I found that my praying has deepened my relationship with Him as I have seen those prayers be answered.

So what is my favorite way to pray?”

For me, it is writing Him letters in my journal.  Yes, I have been writing Him letters since April 1, 2012 and I always attempt to share with Him my thanksgivings, my joy, my questions and my pain so that He can guide me.  And the blessing of writing these letters is that I see my prayers being answered – and that is a beautiful thing – because as they occur, I highlight those answered to see His gifts come to fruition and I learn from those prayers that have not been answered as I was told that my prayer was not right for me – those unanswered prayers.  

Today, I have a very big prayer as today marks three years since my dear friend and business partner, Laurie Hutchinson, passed away.  I have gone through many beautiful times here at Whispering Hope Stables and some hard times as well, but I always find myself saying, “I wish you were here, Laurie, to join me in this adventure that we started together.”   

In honoring Laurie on this day, I find myself wanting to share today’s prayer with you.  So here we go….



Dear Jesus…


I thank You for this day; I thank You for bringing me to this day.  I consider it a privilege to wake-up on this morning and have another opportunity to love and walk in this special place where You have placed me.  Please help me to keep my eyes and ears open to every opportunity and please continue to change my heart to be more aligned to You.  I want to “thank You” for Your continuous grace, mercy and forgiveness; it is such a precious gift.

You know my heart and you know that when I lost Laurie, I was so very sad and in a bad place, but it was one of those life moments, that many of us all have had, where I didn’t know what end was up and what end was down.  At this time, I didn’t know what steps to take and I didn’t want to take any.  But with that, I now can thank You for in the Word, You revealed to me that I needed to “Get up! And pick-up my mat and start walking.”  I learned and you kept revealing that as your beloved daughter, Your work and mine was not done here at Whispering Hope; not yet – as there are more souls to reach, teach and love through my action and guidance in You.”

At no point was it easy, but I knew that I had to keep moving and so I put one foot in front of another and after 3 years of doing just that, I see the reason WHY You placed this Scripture in my view as Laurie’s Dream, and mine, are being lived out.  With that and still today, there is still a lot more to do, but those gates are still open and I know more souls are to find a place here – whether human or horse.  Laurie’s Dream and our business model is something uncommon in this business, but you have brought me so many beautiful people through doing it your way. I pray that all those that read this come to know the calling that You have on their life, as you have put this calling on mine.  Please help them come to know that LOVE supersedes all other priorities.  With that, I pray for this as I have seen the “Dream” that You placed on Laurie’s heart, and mine, come to life through careful listening.  

Going forward, continue to guide my steps, continue to guide my community, and continue to guide every soul reading this letter so that they know how to walk each day, each relationship, and to recognize the Dream that You have placed on them and in their hearts.  Please let them live an amazing and abundant life as you have enabled all this to come to fruition.  I am humbled and I want to thank You for the people that You brought to me through the gates of Whispering Hope and I pray that I walk and serve them in a way that pleases You and honors Your name.  I truly appreciate the healing and restoration that You have done on me and in each person and horse here at our farm. I do see the miracles that You continue to do here for us.
I pray all this in Your name, Jesus…Amen

And to my beloved sister, Laurie, I miss you badly. I hope you know how much I appreciate the journey you started on with me.  I will continue to miss you badly, but I will continue to hear your voice say, “You Go Girl” every time I’m on Hugo.  My dear friend, I love you and miss you very much.  Always and forever!!!  

Amy Peters

Whispering Hope Stables