“I love the family at Whispering Hope”

My daughter has been taking lessons with Kayla for a year! She loves her instructor and the wonderful horses she gets to ride. I love the family at Whispering Hope and how they have taken such good care of us!


Susan Fountain


“Fantastic Service”

Chief, my feisty & sweet Appaloosa! I’ve learned a great deal about myself and patience, horses, riding, etc. in the two years since my first riding lesson ever at Whispering Hope Stables.
Yesterday, I was so proud to hear how awesome Chief looked from the nutritionist, Jayne, who evaluates the horses regularly
I bought Chief Nov 2015 and he’s improved so much. His topline has gone from a D to an A. His muscle tone and coat look fantastic. But, I owe a great deal of that to the team at Whispering Hope Stables and the fantastic service they provide. Thanks Guys!!



Camille Terasa – Happy Boarder


A Sanctuary for Humans and Horses


Whispering Hope Stables is truly a sanctuary for both horses and humans. The horses receive the best care possible – mind, body and spirit are all taken into account. And the humans have a beautiful, serene, completely drama free setting where they can enjoy their horses and a community of wonderful people.

Callie Michael

Customized Exemplary Horse Care

06/29/15:  I needed a very specific environment and nutritional plan for my horses and wanted a boarding facility that could meet their specialized needs.  WHS has far exceeded my expectations by working with me to create the ideal environment for their optimal health.  Despite being a large operation, they are able to customize each and every horse’s care with the help of a very dedicated and caring staff.  Daily hoof picking and all over body checks help those of us who can’t make it to the barn each day know that our horses are being taken care of in every way.  A certified nutritionist arrives each month to check on all the horses and give each boarder the option of a personalized free consultation.  Most of us (who are lucky) only see our vets twice a year, so this monthly interaction is invaluable.   These are just a few examples of the exemplary care (the quality and quantity of the timothy hay is outstanding!) Horses have sensitive systems; WHS always puts the horse’s emotional health first, which then leads to physically healthy and calm horses.  I also enjoy the social atmosphere of the barn, the camaraderie of its members, and the immaculate facilities…however, none of these aspects can be truly enjoyed without first having a healthy, happy horse.  Thank you, WHS, for putting the horses first!


A Happy Boarder

June 29, 2015

Outstanding Horse Facility with Much Care and Love for Horses and People

From the moment I walked into Whispering Hope Stables there was such a special feel about the farm and everyone there, I knew it was the place I was meant to board my horse.  The care, dedication, cleanliness, superior customer service, communications, facilities, wonderful staff and the love for horses, people and God is exceptional.  The radiance of love and peace is evident.

We have been at Whispering Hope for over a year and I can honestly say it’s a slice of peace for horses and people that provides a lot of joy.  My horse continually receives the most exceptional care and is so happy.  The amount of care and dedication shown to the welfare of the horses is outstanding; every horse is treated with the utmost respect and love.

For us as boarders we have a wonderful family at the farm, this is something that is so rare in the horse world!  A massive heartfelt thank you to the Peter’s family, our dear friend Laurie along with Erik and his family  for turning a dream into a reality, you are a blessing to so many people and especially to me and my family.



Exceptional Top Quality Horse Facility – Whispering Hope Stables

11/27/13:  Whispering Hope Stables is exceptional with top quality facilities and, most importantly, top quality service.  The horses are meticulously cared for and are relaxed, healthy, and happy in the uniquely serene environment that WHS has to offer.  I love the warm, friendly environment of the farm where all staff members and boarders are encouraging of each other in all disciplines and levels of riding.

As a horse owner and boarder, I also really appreciate being involved in the management of the horses and the farm through the monthly owners meetings. The farm social activities organized and sponsored by the Peters are an added bonus and are great fun!

Last but definitely not least is the fact that all animals at the farm both big and small, including the famous “Squeaky”, are respected and loved.  The Peters are very special people with big hearts and the ability to imagine what an ideal horse farm would be and to then make it happen.  An extra special thank you to Penny who pampers the horses and always makes me smile.

L. Schnabel, DVM

Clean Horse Boarding Facility in Raleigh, NC

Thank you, Amy Peters, your family, Laurie Hutchinson, and Eric. Whispering Hope has provided me with a slice of horse heaven. It is such a wonderful and relaxing place to ride. I appreciate the warmth everyone has shown me. Never have I seen a cleaner stable. Even the restrooms are 5 star.

I am an adult (very) rider who is leasing a horse. The hospitality shown to me has been immeasurable.



Horse Boarding Farm in Raleigh

“Boarding at Whispering Hope Stables is like joining a great horse-y country club! The barn we’re in is new, bright and gorgeous.

My horse is healthy, happy and lovingly cared for, WH staff is helpful and cheerful and the turnout pastures are huge and lush!

We’ve got beautiful wooded trails & lots of pastures to ride in when we’re ready to head out of the arena and chill a bit. Head trainer Laurie Hutchinson, is always positive and ready to help, a true professional with her horses and riders in training.

Owners,Amy & Steve Peters, and their wonderful family welcome their boarders into their big extended family & I can’t wait to get thereat the end of the day, ride and hang out!”




Top Horse Farm in Raleigh

7/1/13:  It is with great pleasure and confidence that I can recommend Whispering Hope Stables as a wonderful place to board and ride your horse.

I have had the privilege to be a part of the renovation of this beautiful farm since last fall. We have lush pastures that have continuous care and state of the art barns, stalls, tack room and a lounge to write home about.

The owners Amy and Steve Peters make all members feel like family and include us with their family and friend functions besides offering many social gatherings just for boarders and trainees.

The maintenance and horse care staff provide safe and efficient care for the horses. The head trainer, Laurie Hutchinson, inspires confidence in all areas of riding through multiple disciplines. We’ve had a blast working with my horse on confidence building riding the trails. There are wonderful school horses here that have helped my riding skills and you just get more confident working with 17 hand horses!!!

This is important to me being an older rider to be able to take advantage of that.  We can attend shows, just ride around the farm, take classes or explore new trails. It’s all here.

At Whispering Hope Stables my horse and I are a happy pair who feel safe and well cared for.

M. Bot


Best Horse Farm in Raleigh

6/28/13:  Over the course of my “horse life”, I have ridden at and boarded at numerous facilities. Most have been just a barn and provided the basic services; one or two have provided a sense of community. Whispering Hope Stables provides top of the line service, welcomes open communication, and facilitates events to foster that sense of community and friendship.

The horses’ health and happiness is foremost in their minds. When in their stalls the horses have hay in front of them at all times. Even over the course of the night, there is enough hay in their hay nets that there is still hay in them at feeding time in the morning. When horses are brought in from turnout their legs are checked, boots removed, and hooves picked out. Stalls are cleaned at least twice a day and individual turn-out schedules are honored.

There are monthly barn meetings where management communicates to boarders what is going on around the property, upcoming events, and anything else that boarders need to know. The meeting always ends with an open forum for boarders to ask questions or voice concerns. When you are asked how things are going, they aren’t just asking, they really want to know.

The barn has at least one event each month in which the boarders are invited to. This provides another opportunity for boarders to get to know each other, build relationships, and have some fun together outside the ring.

I love coming to the barn because I know there will be no drama. The atmosphere that is being fostered is one of fun, encouragement, and support.

I highly recommend Whispering Hope Stables if you are looking for a safe, healthy, peaceful, and fun place to keep your horse.


June 28, 2013