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Our Dear Friend…Judy

Do you hear the callings?…they can come at any moment!! In my journey over the past 4 years on this farm, I have come to learn at any moment, one person can have an impact that will change the rest of your life. Judy Humphries was one for me. Shortly after my friend, Laurie, died Judy so obediently sent me a text saying, “God told me you need to start spending time with the Boss (Hugo)…it will bring you great healing.” I thank God for this woman. It was her obedience to The Lord that caused her to send a text that would forever change my life with this horse. So I come to encourage you…do not ignore the callings that He places on your life…you never know where it will lead you or who it will impact. See you soon my sweet friend!!!


Warrior Wolf 5K Dash comes to WHS!!

Whispering Hope Stables is going to be the “stage” for the inaugural Warrior Wolf 5K Obstacle race on Saturday, August 20th. This is a charity event hosted by Operation Seed to Harvest! Come out and join the fun! Embrace the “Warrior” within yourself or come as part of the “Wolf Pack.” Either way, you are bound to come away with the experience of a lifetime!

Go to to register or get more information!

                                                                          Whispering Hope Stables's photo.

Thanks Team!!

Getting ready for the Kentucky Derby party this evening. A huge thank you to the awesome WHS team…Stacy Beane, Scarlett Kennedy, Beth Moyer, Erik Tecu, Nelson Tecu and Rudy Tecu. I thank God every day for this wonderful group of people who make WHS the special place that it is.


Employee Photo


Spring Trail Action

The trails at Whispering Hope are looking really good. Thanks Erik Tecu for all of your hard work to get them ready for summer and thanks Princess for a wonderful ride this what it’s all about!! Soak it in!!

Princess on the trails


Happy Horses and their Hay Houses!!

Happy Horses and their hay houses!! We are always eager for the Spring grass, but until that time…eat up boys!

Whispering Hope Stables's photo.

Fall Photo Sessions

Amy Malloy

Thank You Wendy Boyer and Dancing Heart Photography!!

I would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to Wendy Babb Boyer of Dancing Heart Photography, on behalf of everyone that participated in the 2015 Fall mini sessions at Whispering Hope Stables. It was a gorgeous day and you helped to make each one of us feel special and beautiful! Everyone seems to love the art that you created!! Thanks Wendy, from all of us here at Whispering Hope! This is a wonderful picture of Amy Poteat Malloy and her daughter Erin, with their horses Luke and Raven.


Princess is changing it up!

Princess has been seen around Whispering Hope Stables for a few years now. Princess is owned by Amy and Steve Peters, and has been an integral part of the school program here. Princess loves the children, however, she is going to take a break from them for a while. Suzanne Sullivan has recently signed a lease for Princess and seems quite happy with her decision! We think this will be a great match and she will be continuing her training under Brian Nichols! Congratulations to you both Suzanne and Princess! Enjoy your time together!
Suzanne and Princess


Skye is a staple of WHS!!


Emma Poole and Skye 018We sure do miss seeing Kate’s smiling face around the barn! However, Emma Poole leases Kate’s horse Skye, and has been taking great care of her. We see her out riding Skye in the arena every weekend. It’s a beautiful site and I’m sure Kate is happy for Skye to get the workouts in! Skye has been such a wonderful part of the development of the story here at Whispering Hope Stables! We are sure Kate already knows that she is in great hands while she is away!


Let’s Get Physical, Physical!!

Check out our ladies getting their stretch and sweat on!! Our host, Jordan Lee, taught these women some important moves to improve their overall riding skills in her Get Fit! Clinic on July 14th, 2015. We so appreciate seeing the fun and involvement that our community at Whispering Hope Stables promotes. I think I even see owner, Amy Peters, in the background there! Keep up the hard work ladies!

Cornhole Pics 050


Happy Owner and Her Horse!

Amy and Hugo

Saddle up! Owner Amy Peters has spent the last year learning to ride our infamous Hugo Boss. She has patiently and diligently persevered in finding and getting the right saddle, bridle, and ALL the rest of the tack. Today we celebrate with her the purchase of her last item…her first set of reins. May this journey of love and passion for riding only continue to grow!