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Seeking Within by Amy Peters

May 11th, 2016

I am The Horse.

I know what I am and how God made me. I am the hunted, not the hunter. I flee, and I do not fight. I see all that is around me and do not see what is in front of me. I am more powerful than any human. And what most humans do not realize is that I put my needs first and I trust my herd and my herd alone. So as I leave my herd and join you, I seek trust and respect within this relationship.

So my question to you is always, can I trust you with my life?

While in my pasture on a dreary and stormy morning, I stand tall, head erect, ears pinned forward, shoulders broad and my hooves firmly grounded with my herd surrounding me. The wind is blowing through my mane and I am motionless soaking up the call of the wind that is flowing through every hair on my body. I stand here in a daydream surrounded by the beauty of the land and my herd.

Night has come and gone and you approach from a distance with a halter ready to take me from my most trusted environment. You always appear with a smile and open arms, and I know this because I am so in-tune to how you feel. Without you knowing, I can sense your inner energy just with a stroke of the halter.

As we walk away from my green, grassy field and my herd to the large building that holds my wooden containment area, we encounter so many things that are strange to me. The storm is still hovering with heavy mist and high winds, there are cars out of place, strange black cats darting to-and-fro, garbage cans in a place that they were not yesterday, music blasting from a near distant shed, a little white bird that exists only to annoy me, and a new flower arrangement that mysteriously appeared throughout the night. My question is, “why did my norm have to change?”

So have you earned my trust? Well, if you are ever questioning this, just try putting me in a situation that is new to me and unknown. Are my feet grounded waiting for your command? Or am I shuffling my feet and moving them in whichever direction I please? When I walk forward, is it because you asked me to or is it because I chose to?

You earn my trust and respect when I experience patience, consistency, and discipline, and most importantly, a willingness to connect with me mentally. And when you have earned it, you will begin to gain control of my feet. Knowing where to put my feet during times of threat is the key to gaining my trust.

And, yes I love the apples that you share and I always look forward to receiving one, but please know that it is not the apple that earns my respect and trust. It is the journey that we walk together.

I’m always in flight mode. We are always ready and quick to move if we feel threatened or in danger. So when I am under your hands, I need you to have my feet, as they are the center of where the trust starts and grows because when you have my feet you are in control.

Knowing where to put my feet is a process of unlocking my hindquarters and moving them in times of concern. It is getting me to face the object of potential danger. It is backing me to reassure me that you have it under control, and it is maneuvering me toward the danger to let me know it is not danger. This process takes time, consistency and confidence on your part.

Trust and respect, not blankets, fly masks, fancy saddles, beautiful reins, grooming tools, saddle pads and toys, are the two key items for us to have the connection. These other items do not have meaning to me, as all I care for is that you provide me with a place to be a horse and a platform of trust and respect to build upon. Just so you know, I do not have a preference between the $100 reins and the $1000 reins, but I do want to know that I can trust you as you pull me away from my most trusted environment…my herd.

The Horse.

Author: Amy Peters – Owner, Whispering Hope Stables