Posted on July 2, 2013

Best Horse Farm in Raleigh

6/28/13:  Over the course of my “horse life”, I have ridden at and boarded at numerous facilities. Most have been just a barn and provided the basic services; one or two have provided a sense of community. Whispering Hope Stables provides top of the line service, welcomes open communication, and facilitates events to foster that sense of community and friendship.

The horses’ health and happiness is foremost in their minds. When in their stalls the horses have hay in front of them at all times. Even over the course of the night, there is enough hay in their hay nets that there is still hay in them at feeding time in the morning. When horses are brought in from turnout their legs are checked, boots removed, and hooves picked out. Stalls are cleaned at least twice a day and individual turn-out schedules are honored.

There are monthly barn meetings where management communicates to boarders what is going on around the property, upcoming events, and anything else that boarders need to know. The meeting always ends with an open forum for boarders to ask questions or voice concerns. When you are asked how things are going, they aren’t just asking, they really want to know.

The barn has at least one event each month in which the boarders are invited to. This provides another opportunity for boarders to get to know each other, build relationships, and have some fun together outside the ring.

I love coming to the barn because I know there will be no drama. The atmosphere that is being fostered is one of fun, encouragement, and support.

I highly recommend Whispering Hope Stables if you are looking for a safe, healthy, peaceful, and fun place to keep your horse.


June 28, 2013